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The supply chain management industry is a growing industry seeking high-skilled and technically sound employees. This Supply Chain Management course is aimed at helping learners to develop a broad understanding of the subject, industry-specific competencies needed for careers in supply chain management, and to build the academic and workplace skills needed for success in further education in Supply Chain and logistics or career growth. Students are introduced to different modules in various segments of the supply chain industry:

  • Logistics, Planning, and Supply Chain Management Services
  • Basic knowledge on procurement, demand planning and Production
  • Supply networks
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Warehousing and Distribution Centre Operations
  • Transportation Operations
  • Global Supply Chains
  • Technology


  • Identify the components of a supply chain, and the resources and planning involved in managing a supply chain.
  • Describe the importance of forecasting & demand planning.
  • Gain knowledge on physical distribution and logistics.
  • Describe how software systems and technology is used supply chain and logistics.
  • Explain the role of integrated supply chains and identify types of supply chain integrations.
  • Discuss the role of customer service in supply chain management.
  • Basics on warehousing and inventory management.
  • Describe the different modes of transportation and the functions of transportation management.
  • Describe the global supply chain and the challenges and benefits of operating globally.
  • Sustainability and responsible supply chains.


Day 1

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management

  • The Concept of Supply Chain Management

Day 2

  • The Role of Logistics in Supply Chain

  • Understand the main stake holders of a supply chain

Day 3

  • Introduction to Physical distribution and concepts

    • Warehouse management
    • Inventory management
    • Customer Service

Day 4

  • Introduction to Physical distribution and concepts

    • Material handling
    • Transportation

  • Costs involved in Supply Chain & Logistics

Day 5

  • Supply Vs Demand

  • Manufacturing supply chains

Day 6

  • Align Supply Chain with business strategy

  • Supply chain integration

Day 7

  • Global supply chains

  • Supply chain challenges

Day 8

  • Outsourcing

  • Third party logistics

  • E-commerce

Day 9

  • Supply Chain performance metrics

  • Supply Chain excellence

Day 10

  • Sustainable supply chains

  • Supply chain risks

Day 11

  • Supply Chain technology and future

Day 12

  • Insights on global Supply Chain business and case examples

  • Assessment guidelines and recap

  • Commencing: Weekdays
  • Level: Certificate
  • Language: English
  • Conducted by: A panel of highly qualified Sri Lankan lecturers
  • Mode of Teaching: Online evening sessions

Audio/visual material will be utilized to facilitate the sessions


  • Entrance is open for anyone over 16 years of age, having six (06) passes at the G.C.E (O/L) examination or one year work experience and who wants the best start for a successful career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Applications are also encouraged for candidates pursuing a career in Management field and requiring a paper qualification, this qualification would be of great assistance for career growth.
  • In additions, undergraduates who have registered for degree programmes in the non-commerce stream can join this short course in order to get a basic knowledge for future enhancements.

Our Accreditations

An Internationally Recognized Certificate Is Offered At The Completion Of The
Course with the Accreditations of:

  • Refer the below links to see the accreditation of our Spinnaker International E.D.U & the London School of Executive Education (LSEE) at the OTHM, ASIC & CPD official websites:

OTHM - Spinnaker International E.D.U

ASIC - London School of Executive Education

CPD - London School of Executive Education

How to Apply

Need to make the initial payment to any of the below-mentioned bank accounts and upon the payment a picture of the payslip needs to be sent via WhatsApp to any of the mentioned numbers; +94 741 313 995, +94 766 727 070.

Programme Duration

03 Months - (12 weeks course work and 01 week project report)

Bank Details are as follows;

Sampath Bank

  • Account Name: Spinnaker International E.D.U (Pvt) Ltd
  • Account No: 000410026066
  • Bank Name: Sampath Bank Plc (7278)
  • Branch: Borella Branch
  • Branch Code: 004
  • Swift code: BSAMLKLX

Nation Trust Bank

  • Account Name: Spinnaker international edu pvt Ltd
  • Account number: 100360006295
  • Bank Name: Nation trust bank
  • Branch: Horana


  • Account name : Spinnaker international
  • Account number : 043001004852
  • Bank name : DFCC Bank plc
  • Branch : moratuwa

More details can be obtained on: +94 741 313 995